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Welcome to the Hollow...

( A Bandcamp music subscription service brought to you by Cranford Hollow and Swampfire Records )

We wanted to build something unique for all our amazing fans out there. This page will contain audio from live shows, studio demos, snippets of things that happen on the road, interviews and much more.

We hope you enjoy this site, if there is something you want on file that we haven't already recorded please email us direct at and we will try our best to get it recorded for you.

On top of all the audio we will be loading to this site, we will also be sending out physical objects like posters, pictures and things we collect out there from the road. We will send these things right to your front door!

Not only do you get new audio and some treats in the mail you will also get first dibs at any new records we release and a discount of 15% on any merch item you buy from our regular bandcamp page.

What you get:

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